LGNE 30th Anniversary Broadside

The LGNE (Letterpress Guild of New England) will be having their 30th Anniversary Poster & Broadside Exhibition at the Arsenal Center for the Arts, Watertown MA.  Seeing this was a rare event, I just had to submit one or two broadsides.

This one is called “Death Haiku”, after the famous haiku by Matsuo Bashou (Japan, 1644-1694) apparently written a short time before he died.

Tremble, oh my gravemound / in time my cries will be /only this autumn wind

Tsuka mo ugoke / waga naku koe wa / aki no kaze        (6-7-5)



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Cleaning Buried Treasure

Its not everyday that you get the following three things aligning: (a) a typeface you like and want to use; (b) foundry type; (c) comes in a range of sizes.

Since I missed the first type-sale at the MoP, this time around I was determined to get there at the opening. Having bought the usual “supplies” and a bunch of cuts, my eyes caught sight of a humble and beat-up wooden case. The label on the case was written in some san-serif face. It said “Forum”. Could it be Goudy’s Forum Titling.

Upon pulling out the case, a set of heavily-dusted metal type emerged. The first letter I reached for was the “Y”, since Forum Titling has that unique Goudy’s signature “Y”. So far so good. The second letter I went for was the “W”, since Forum Titling also had a very nice non-crossing “W”. Sweet…

So now the hard work of cleaning them begins.  I’m going through each letter, and cleaning each type using cloth/wash and brush.

Above, on the left (4th row): compartment cleaned just by swiping paper towel. On the right: untouched compartments.

Decades of dust. Bottom of case is just black with dust.

Bunch of cleaned type.

A couple of Ns.

M yet to be cleaned. (Sorry blurry photo).

My understanding is that Forum Titling was produced by the Continental Type Foundry, and then later also by Monotype.  You can still obtain the Monotype version from various Monotype casters.



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Replacing the Eccentric Throw-Off Lever

One of the features I like about the Golding Pearl #11 is the eccentric mechanism which allows the platen to be set a distance from the type-bed (bed) by simply pushing the throw-off lever. The gap between the platen and bed means that there is no contact between the inked type and the paper.

When we acquired our Pearl #11 the handle of the lever was already broken, and had a short metal pipe fitted-on as the handle. Thus, when I saw a a throw-off lever advertised in Briar Press, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.


The photo above shows the existing throw-off lever where it connects to the press. The end point is forked and a bolt goes through the middle of the fork. (The press had about 20 years worth of dust and grime).


The new/replacement is shown below, installed and clean. Notice that I left the pin on the shaft half-way inserted, since it was a real pain to get it out in the first place.



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Working on the Pearl #11

Its been several months since I worked on the Pearl press.  Last time there were some issues around the old cores/rollers versus the new core/rollers.

Here is a comparison between the two cores/rollers.

The left pair of rollers (black) are the old rollers, while the pair on the right (blue) are the new rollers.

The first difference lies in the trucks.  In the old cores the truck is tightened to the core via a small hex screw. (See the black hole on the left-most roller).  On the new cores the trucks simply slip-on onto the core (no scores involved).  Notice there is a small knob on the core with a matching indent on the truck (right most roller).

The second difference lies in the gap (space) between the truck and the rubber.  This is shown below.

John Falstrom (Perennial Designs) — whom I dub “Golding Guru of the East” — says that the trucks on my old rollers are not original Golding Pearl trucks.  Apparently Golding never used the hex keys on their rollers.

The saga continues. . .

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Hello world

Finally, after thinking about it for nearly a year I made-up my mind today to spend an hour or so setting up a new sub-domain, pointing the NS server to the new sub-domain and installing my own WordPress.


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