Replacing the Eccentric Throw-Off Lever

One of the features I like about the Golding Pearl #11 is the eccentric mechanism which allows the platen to be set a distance from the type-bed (bed) by simply pushing the throw-off lever. The gap between the platen and bed means that there is no contact between the inked type and the paper.

When we acquired our Pearl #11 the handle of the lever was already broken, and had a short metal pipe fitted-on as the handle. Thus, when I saw a a throw-off lever advertised in Briar Press, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.


The photo above shows the existing throw-off lever where it connects to the press. The end point is forked and a bolt goes through the middle of the fork. (The press had about 20 years worth of dust and grime).


The new/replacement is shown below, installed and clean. Notice that I left the pin on the shaft half-way inserted, since it was a real pain to get it out in the first place.



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