Working on the Pearl #11

Its been several months since I worked on the Pearl press.  Last time there were some issues around the old cores/rollers versus the new core/rollers.

Here is a comparison between the two cores/rollers.

The left pair of rollers (black) are the old rollers, while the pair on the right (blue) are the new rollers.

The first difference lies in the trucks.  In the old cores the truck is tightened to the core via a small hex screw. (See the black hole on the left-most roller).  On the new cores the trucks simply slip-on onto the core (no scores involved).  Notice there is a small knob on the core with a matching indent on the truck (right most roller).

The second difference lies in the gap (space) between the truck and the rubber.  This is shown below.

John Falstrom (Perennial Designs) — whom I dub “Golding Guru of the East” — says that the trucks on my old rollers are not original Golding Pearl trucks.  Apparently Golding never used the hex keys on their rollers.

The saga continues. . .

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