Cleaning Buried Treasure

Its not everyday that you get the following three things aligning: (a) a typeface you like and want to use; (b) foundry type; (c) comes in a range of sizes.

Since I missed the first type-sale at the MoP, this time around I was determined to get there at the opening. Having bought the usual “supplies” and a bunch of cuts, my eyes caught sight of a humble and beat-up wooden case. The label on the case was written in some san-serif face. It said “Forum”. Could it be Goudy’s Forum Titling.

Upon pulling out the case, a set of heavily-dusted metal type emerged. The first letter I reached for was the “Y”, since Forum Titling has that unique Goudy’s signature “Y”. So far so good. The second letter I went for was the “W”, since Forum Titling also had a very nice non-crossing “W”. Sweet…

So now the hard work of cleaning them begins.  I’m going through each letter, and cleaning each type using cloth/wash and brush.

Above, on the left (4th row): compartment cleaned just by swiping paper towel. On the right: untouched compartments.

Decades of dust. Bottom of case is just black with dust.

Bunch of cleaned type.

A couple of Ns.

M yet to be cleaned. (Sorry blurry photo).

My understanding is that Forum Titling was produced by the Continental Type Foundry, and then later also by Monotype.  You can still obtain the Monotype version from various Monotype casters.



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